Come surf the Grand Recif de Tulear! Mangily Scuba works in partnership with the locally owned club, Nono Surf. Nono a true Vezo will point you towards the perfect wave. The waves break to the right over the barrier reef 5 kilometers from shore. Depending on the weather conditions, the swell can sometimes reach 3 meters. To check out the surf and wind conditions go to

 Prices: per excursion

Board Rental: 60,000ariary/ 15 euro

Board Rental plus transport: 120,000 Ariary/      

30 euro

Boat rental w/o board: 

1 -2 people 100,000 Ariary/ 25 euro..per person

3-6 people 80,000 Ariary/ 20 euro..per person

*Prices include: equipment rental, reserve fees, and motor boat transfer

** Prices do not include computer or camera rental

***No Price reduction for having your own equipment

**** Ariary prices subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation