Explore the shallows of the Baie de Ranobe. The top two snorkeling sites, a short boat ride from shore, are Rose Garden (Massif de Roses) and the south pass.

Rose Garden is a patch reef in the middle of the lagoon situated near the south pass. It is 6 meters to a sandy bottom and just 2 meters to the top of the reef. Rose Garden takes its name after the colony of Montipora or Rose shaped coral that primarily inhabits the patch reef. Other prominent coral colonies present include Fungia or mushroom shaped coral and Acropora or table corals and branching corals. If the fish life is of more of an interest to you than, not to worry Rose Garden boasts over one hundred and fifty species of fish as well as lobsters, shrimps, rays, and octopus. 

The local NGO Reef Doctor is currently undertaking a coral plantation project that you may see whilst snorkeling there. Also the local fishermen's association FI.MI.HA.RA has installed anti-fishing devices to deter illegal fishing and shell collecting within the reserve. 

For the skin diver, scuba diver or adventurous snorkeler, the south pass is the site to see. The south pass is located 5 kilometers from Mangily’s shore. There is a natural break in the barrier reef or the Grand Recif de Tulear. In the middle of the interior of the pass one can reach a maximum depth of 16 meters to a sandy bottom. Running perpendicular to the barrier are large coral bommies starting at 4meters on the top down to the sandy bottom. Large pelagic fish such as trevally, barracuda, and the occasional shark are often spotted at the south pass.

For the less adventurous snorkelers, the south pass also boasts a slowly sloping barrier wall from 1.5 meters to 10 meters in depth. So for those who prefer to stay on top of the water as opposed to duck diving below, there is still a plethora of coral and fish to be seen!



Price Guide: includes all reserve entrance fees and equipment


Minimum 2 persons

Rose Garden: 100,000Ariary

Rose Garden & the South Pass: 150,000 Ariary

*Prices include: equipment rental, reserve fees, and motor boat transfer

** Prices do not include computer or camera rental

***No Price reduction for having your own equipment

**** Ariary prices subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation