Scuba Diving

Welcome to the Southwest of Madagascar where the seas are teaming with underwater life. Ifaty/ Mangily offers dive sites to those of all scuba certification. Beginner divers can start out in the shallows of the bay enjoying protected reserves with a maximum depth of 5-10 meters. The fishermen’s association FI.MI.HA.RA has created 4 reserves within the 33 kilometer long lagoon. Ankarandjelita (8 meters) and Rose Garden (6 meters) are both a short boat ride from shore where one can see schools of goatfish, snapper, big eyes as well as individuals hiding under crevasses. Eels, lobsters, blue spotted and electric rays also inhabit these shallow sites. Come and participate in scuba review including a shallow dive to get your feet wet again before heading off to explore the deeper sites near the barrier!

For the more advanced divers, Ifaty/ Mangily offers dives to 26meters on the exterior of the barrier reef and within the Northern and Southern Pass. Come and search for the Marbled Grouper, Napolean Wrasse, and Ribboned Eels at Bevato, a wall dive to 26 meters. Or search for bright and colorful nudibranches at Canyons, a spur and groove dive site to 20 meters. For the experienced divers, if the conditions are right, we may enjoy a drift dive through the south pass where we are likely to see groupers, barracudas, trevally, and moustache triggerfishes, as well as explore the many rocky arches and overhangs that characterize the topography of the South pass.

Don’t forget that Mangily boasts the most famous dive site of Madagascar, Cathedral! Cathedral is located in the middle of the North pass. On a perfectly calm day we can go and explore the many caves and swim-throughs of the North Pass whilst passing schools of emperors, sweetlips, and trevally.



Price Guide:

1 Dive: 200,000 Ariary 

Double Tank Dive: 360,000 Ariary

Dive Enthusiasts: 5 day dive package/ 2 dives per day 

= 1,600,000 ariary 

*Prices include: equipment rental, reserve fees, and motor boat transfer

**No Price reduction for having your own equipment

*** Ariary prices subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation