Night Diving

Mangily Scuba proposes night dives when the weather and sea are calm. Mangily Scuba offers two choices: one we leave at sunset and we dive just after sunset. The second option is that we do a sunrise dive. Thus we meet at the club 1.5hours before sunrise, prepare our equipment, and then complete the night dive just as the sun is coming up. We will go dive either Rose Garden or Coral Garden dependent upon the diver’s experience with night dives. Each diver is equipped with a primary and backup torch. Come search in the crevasses for nocturnal species such as lobsters, soldier and squirrelfish and perhaps a sleeping parrot fish in his mucus ball!

1 Dive...225,000 Ariary

*Prices include: equipment rental, reserve fees, and motor boat transfer

** Prices do not include computer or camera rental

***No Price reduction for having your own equipment

**** Ariary prices subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation