Deep Sea Fishing

Come and spend half a day with Captain Eric or Captain Biev trying to catch yourself dinner! We recommend either jigging in the deep or trawling around either the North or South Pass. No Worries, the captains know their stuff!! Departure, normally, 6am''ish or sunrise and the Return 12pm''ish

Boat rental 1/2 Day: 450,000 Ariary/ 100 Euro +++PLUS fuel consumed
....1-5 people

* Fishing lures lost whilst fighting the "Big One" must be reimbursed...prices available upon request/ arrival

** Ariary prices subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation

*** Don't forget to tip you captain with a fish!!

**** Catch and Release certain species of large groupers and Napoleon Wrasse.....(sorry us divers want to enjoy too)