Safety Measures

Mangily Scuba strives to be a leader in dive safety and boasts that the only problem thus far has been the occasional jellyfish sting and coral abrasion. The dive guide dives with two dive computers on every dive and only makes no-deco dives. However if a serious problem was to arise, we are equipped with a 10-hour supply of emergency oxygen (more than sufficient to get you to professional help in Tulear) and a first aid kit. The dive instructor is also an Emergency First Response Instructor (first aid and CPR) and an Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor. The boat is equipped with ship to shore communication and a fire extinguisher. Life jackets are on board at all times for clients and staff and are required for whale watching excursions. Mangily Scuba also offers snorkel vests to those who would like a bit of flotation during their in-water experience.

Due to the remoteness of Ifaty-Mangily and Madagascar in general, Mangily Scuba has contacts with an emergency evacuation services abroad and domestically. In Madagascar, Assistance Plus provides 24-hour evacuation services by ambulance, plane, and helicopter and emergency medicine. The closest recompression chambers are located in either La Reunion or South Africa. Internationally, Mangily Scuba’s evacuation contact is Divers Alert Network South Africa –DANSA- that is an organization equipped to help with diving emergencies/evacuations worldwide.

However it is recommended that certified divers purchase their own independent dive insurance yearly and have this information kept with your dive logbook, card and medical forms. Dive emergencies/evacuations can be very costly without proper insurance. If a problem does emerge, it’s also your responsibility as a certified diver to be prepared! If you are doing an open water diver course with Mangily Scuba, DANSA provides free insurance to student divers for a duration of 6 weeks or until the Open Water course has been completed (whichever comes first) under your instructor’s policy. Learn more at